Woodies shack1

Woodie's Shack is where Woodie prefers to stay at the Stone Mansion, his parent's home. Woodie insists on living in a shack on the property which Mondo refers to as a doghouse in "The Grass is Always Greener". Woodie tells him the mansion gives him the heebie-jeebies. When Mondo goes searching for Woodie later during his sister Milan's Sweet 16 party, Mondo discovers Woodie's father Brock Stone in a passionate embrace with a housekeeper Palar in Woodie's hammock bed. Mondo apologizes for the interruption but Brock dismisses it as helping her find her contact lens as he zips his pants and Palar pulls up her panties. Brock silences her before Palar can elaborate on the location of her contact lens.

In "Floatopia", Brock stops by the shack to insist on Woodie coming to spend spring break working for him.

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