"Talkin' 'Bout Babs" is a rap song performed by Ms. Teets, Jeena and Tang in "Mondo Mia" as they plan for Babs birthday party at the Tiki Tako. When Jeena is surprised that Ms. Teets can rap, she notes that she slept with a lot of black guys.


Ms. Teets: Uh huh, back up, here it comes

Now I roll up 1-2-3-4-D

But ain't no one around, that's just me

The T to the double E-T-Z

Sitting hot, sittin fly

Like boss I said

I keep on passing you by (Passing you by)

But it ain't about me

It's about B

Biggity B biggity A biggity B biggity Z

I'm talkin' Babs

Tang: What?

Ms. Teets: Look at Babs

Tang:: Who?

Ms. Teets: The queen, the diva

My reason to be

Ought to put that ass on MTV

Jeena: Ok, ok, I hear you Ms. T

But check this, we gotta party to plan, Soooo

Shop 'til we drop

We got the cop

Like the posse drop some cash

Like we playing in rock

Buying out the bar

Oh snap, that's right

Bar's already bought (Bought Bought)

Ms. Teets: Not bad Jeena, but I think it's about that time

Yo Tang, hit 'em with the hook

Tang: Heyyyy

T to the ANG

You better recognize

Halo halu hanu is the way we say

Gonna get real krunk on Babs' birthday

Halo halu hanu is the way we say

Going to freak and funk all on your face

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