Stone Mansion

The Stone Mansion is the home of Brock and Brittany Stone and their children Woodie, Milan and adopted daughter Bumi.

In "The Grass is Always Greener", Milan gives Mondo a tour of the home after being awarded a date with her on her Sweet 16 television show. Milan escorts Mondo through her house on her show prior to her sweet 16 party and shows him her 4D theater, spa and kitchen where celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is their personal chef. As soon as the tour is over Milan shows Mondo the door. Woodie is ready to hit the surf but his father Brock insists on giving Mondo a more through tour and Mondo blows off surfing with Woodie for a better look around. Woodie insists on living in a shack on the property which Mondo refers to as a doghouse. Woodie tells him it gives him the heebie-jeebies as it includes a room full of awards and trophies set up as a shrine to the son the Stone's wish they had instead of Woodie.

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