"Not the New Girl" is Babs' lament about getting older in "Mondo Mia". There is a short reprise following "Little Bastard".




Babs: I was the new girl

I was the cool girl

Now I'm nothing but an old cougar

I used to turn heads

Fall out of strange beds

Now I'm stuck wearing my mom jeans instead

All the boys used to say such sweet things

Like give us a kiss and show us your tits

Now all they call me is "lady" and "'mam"

Oh what I've give to hear just one...

Pimp: God Damn!

Babs: I'm not the new girl

I'm not the cool girl

Now I am only an aging cougar



Babs: Now all they call me is "lady" and "'mam"

What I've give to hear just one...

Ms. Teets: God Damn!

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