Mondo Brando
Age 15
Hometown Bayonne, New Jersey
Job Student, Del Toro High School
Family & Friends
Parents Babs (Mother)
Friends  :
Enemies  :
Love Interest  :
Milan (One-Sided)
First appearance Pilot
Voice Actor Josh Gad

Montgomery "Mondo" Brando is played by Josh Gad on Good Vibes. He, and his best friend Woodie, are the series' main characters.

Official descriptionEdit

Instantly likable and funny as hell - Mondo is one Jersey Boy whose stomach is more of a keg than a six-pack. As he complains, "face it, in a world full of Kardashians, I'm the Chloe." Struggling to fit into his new world of rich kids and beach bodies, and impress his dream girl Jeena - Mondo often gets swept away by his own enthusiasm - but with the help of good friend (and his hot single mom) - he always comes out ahead in the end.

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