Jeena Wadska
Age 15
Hometown Playa Del Toro, California
Job  :
Student at Del Toro High School
Waitress at Tiki Tako
Family & Friends
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Wadska
Siblings Wadska
Friends Mondo, Woodie, Wadska, Babs, Ms. Teets, Tang, Milan
Enemies Milan
Love Interest Turk, Mondo
First appearance Pilot
Voice Actor Olivia Thirlby

Jeena Wadska is played by Olivia Thirlby on Good Vibes. She's the main love interest of Mondo and the sister of Wadska.

Official descriptionEdit

Free-spirited, passionate, super-cool and fun - it's no wonder everyone loves Jeena - especially Mondo. While Turk appeals to her dangerous side, she can't resist how sweet Mondo is, giving him hope that someday they'll be "more than friends."


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