Good Vibes: Season 1
Good VibesSeason 1

Release Date: July 20, 2011
Episodes: All

This 2 disc DVD set on DVD-r media contains the entire first and only season of Good Vibes in their original production order which differs from the broadcast order:

  1. - Pilot (Written by David Gordon Green, Christian Lander, Tom Brady; Directed by Chris Martin)
  2. - Don't Blow Your Wadska (Written by Jon Silberman & Josh Silberman; Directed by Ira Sherak & Brock Gallagher)
  3. - Breast Friends (Written by Dana Min Goodman & Julia Wolov; Directed by Tyree Dillihay)
  4. - Floatopia (Written by Dan Lagana; Directed by Lucas Gray; Guest voice - David Koechner)
  5. - Virgin Hangover (Written by George Smith; Directed by Greg Franklin)
  6. - The Grass is Always Greener (Written by Becca Greene; Directed by Brock Gallagher & Ira Sherak)
  7. - The D-List (Written by Brian Sides; Directed by Lucas Gray)
  8. - Tech Rehab (Written by Jon Silberman & Josh Silberman; Directed by Tyree Dillihay; Guest voice - Dana Carvey)
  9. - Backstage Babs (Written by George Smith; Directed by Chris Martin; Guest voice - OK Go)
  10. - Surf Legend (Written by Christian Lander; Directed by Brock Gallagher)
  11. - Mondo Mia (Written by Jacob Young; Directed by Greg Franklin; Guest voice - Andrew Daly, Dax Shephard)
  12. - Red Tuxedo (Written by Jon Silberman & Josh Silberman; Directed by Brad Ableson; Guest voice - Mila Kunis)

Special features found only on the DVD set:

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