Fatherless Son

"Fatherless Son" is sung primarily by Principal Gurniel to Mondo comparing the joys and sorrows of having a father in "Mondo Mia".


Fatherless son


Principal Gurniel: The fatherless son wanders the world alone

No dad pics folder on his iPhone

No one to teach him how to grow up

To spank it, or crank it or pee standing up

Mondo: It's true. I spray all over the place. Like a hose with a thumb on the nozzle

Just think of the dad things that I'll never know

Casa: Giving you muscles just like the pros

Chester: Helping to make your garden grow

Pimp: Or selling sperm just for the dough

Woodie: But having a dad can be a real suck fest

Work comes first and then all the rest

Coming home drunk with all his slutty guests

Milan: But then they buy you brand new breasts

Mondo: No one to teach me how to grow up

To spank it, or crank it or pee standing up


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