• Because this was the tenth episode produced for the season, Dee-Dee is still shown as pregnant at the college fair after she gave birth in "Red Tuxedo" which was the last episode produced for the season.
  • Milan also appears at the college fair but has no speaking lines.
  • The following songs are heard in the episode, but not all bands appear:
    • Noshayah DaMuzikbox - "Needin U"
    • Wavves - "King of the Beach", "I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl". "Bug"
    • Big Troubles - "Misery"
    • VETTE - "Radio"
    • Carne Asada - "Donkey Show", "Gringos"
    • Neighborhood Brats - "Sick Tatts"
    • The Submarines - "Ivaloo"
    • Young Empires - "Shadows"
    • OK Go - "White Knuckles", "This Too Shall Pass"
  • This episode became the series finale.[1]

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